Surabhi Ghosh and Patrick Howlett
Leaking Logic

30 May to 6 July 2024

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Check for any leaks: holes, openings, punctures, perforations, cracks, rifts, or apertures.

A leak was discovered: seeping, escaping, exuding, emitting, issuing, releasing, and flowing.

Turning into a series of leaks: disclosing, divulging, admitting, uncovering, confessing, and revealing.

There is reasoning for this movement: moving in and out and moving through. Like putting on and taking off a pair of pants, perhaps a body is the leaking logic between representation and abstraction. Its bounds are permeable, and its forms fluctuate. A dot could be a body, and a figure might be a space. Implied or pictured, the works balance what is seen and unseeable in the logic of compositions.

Liquid on fabric: both body and vessel, the distinctions are leaky. Is a composition tailored? Is it a custom fit?