Zin Taylor
Parallel Wands

24 March to 30 April 2022


In Parallel Wands, Zin Taylor introduces a vernacular (language-based) use of abstraction where interpretations are individually imagined, but collectively understood as propositions to be read. Each work is a statement repeated, an idea transformed into material, made malleable, sensitive to handling and temporarily taking form as something familiar.

These ideas grow with every gesture.

You look at a dot, a drop, a blot, a top, an eye, a hole. As you transition from birds-eye view to eye level, that dot is now a wand, a stick, a cane, a slit, a stripe, a line. Time passes, and as you stand in the same spot, neither space nor form has shifted. You return to the dot. How do you make sense of it?

These ideas grow until they look like something else.

They work together to form full sentences, dependent clauses, short stories, arrangements, sculptural compositions, poems, diagrams, and casts of narrative characters written with form and colour, suspended in permanent dialogue.

Screen Test for a Butterfly (Stripes and Dots)/link to video
Ambient Visions of a Dot/podcast