The Personal Atmosphere
Patrick Howlett

1 December 2016 to 28 January 2017


The Personal Atmosphere Suggested

In reading second-hand books shut the will against any influence of former owners. (54-55)

All this will read strangely to some of you. Very good. There is no coercion in these pages. But if you will digest… you will also feel… yourself as emerging at last into that Infinite Personal Atmosphere in which exist and revolve worlds and systems. (84)

The All vibrates into existence… all material realms and realities, continually vibrating them into form and action. It is therefore, immanent… the self as a vibrating power emerges. (7)

The suggestion arises that the brain, with its millions of cells and its inconceivable changes in substance, may be regarded as a transmitting and receiving battery… a kind of action similar to the actions of electricity and magnetism… discharges of brain-energy may be conducted beyond the limits of the body. (27-28).

It is just as if the universe were a tremulous mass of jelly, which every movement made to vibrate from the centre to the circumference. It is as if we had the more than Gorgon power of transmuting every object around us into forms beautiful or hideous, and of sending the transmuting process forward through time and eternity. (53-54)

You see, thus, that if you are in a state of agitation, your field is full of confused movements; that if…other Personal Atmospheres are orderly and energetic, such conditions may oppose your “wireless” movements, nullifying them… and thus influencing you. (49)

Work out in your own imagination the various consequences of such meetings “head-on” and meetings-up-with, all sorts of up-and-down waves, right-and-left waves, smoke rings, - rotating from circumference to inner hole-surface, revolving as wholes along the line of outer circumference, wobbling, going ahead edge-on, or sidewise, or at an angle with the plane of the whole and so on. If the effort becomes confusing, how complex, then, the ether-movements of your Personal Atmosphere. (48)

Matter is never at rest, as personal ether-movements are constantly passing from brains being received by brains… given off or reflected from immaterial objects (54).

Inanimate objects exert, now and then, “strange influences” (37).

You cannot enter a room by night or day, you cannot lift your hand, or wink your eye… but each movement is infallibly registered for coming ages. The pane of glass in the window, the brick in the wall, and the paving-stone in the street, catch the pictures of all passers-by. (51)

An idea is only a vibration. (33)

In all things maintain the confident and expectant mood of success. Constant practice… practical sanity… for the right mind to hold firmly (76)… to environments, objects, colors, circumstances, etc., that are agreeable. Begin by thinking beauty and good cheer (70).

Derived from Frank Channing Haddock’s The Personal Atmosphere: Ten Studies in Poise and Power. 1908. J.F. Tapley CC, New York.