Feature, 2016, acrylic on canvas, 61 x 51 cm
Distant - Orange.jpg

Distant – Orange, 2017,
acrylic on canvas, 122 x 101.5 cm
Distant - Violet.jpg

Distant - Violet, 2017,
acrylic on canvas, 122 x 101.5 cm
Border V.jpg

Border V, 2013,
acrylic on canvas, 81 x 96.5 cm
Border R.jpg

Border R, 2013,
acrylic on canvas, 81 x 96.5 cm
Border W.jpg

Border W, 2013,
acrylic on canvas, 81 x 96.5 cm
Dark Mirror H2.jpg

Dark Mirror H2, 2013,
acrylic on canvas, 51 x 61 cm
Dark Mirror V1.jpg

Dark Mirror V1, 2013,
acrylic on canvas, 51 x 61 cm
Dark Mirror H3.jpg

Dark Mirror H3, 2013,
acrylic on canvas, 51 x 61 cm

Ribbon, 2012, acrylic on linen, 51 x 61 cm

Azure, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 147.5 x 117 cm

Version, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 147.5 x 117 cm

Red Blue, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 173 x 122 cm

Green Black, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 173 x 122 cm

Fall, 2006, gouache on paper, 41 x 51 cm

Cool, 2006, oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm

Return, 2006, oil on canvas, 91.5 x 112 cm

Artist’s Dream, 1998, oil on canvas, 66 x 86.5 cm

Arrangement, 1998, oil on canvas, 76 x 96.5 cm

Shirley Wiitasalo

With her characteristically reductive painting vocabulary, Wiitasalo paints elusive figures that emerge from and disappear into rich and murky depths. Her “subjects” read almost as atmosphere – detectable yet indecipherable – with a palpability that is echoed in the vortiginous and billowing spaces of the painted ground.

“ [In the large paintings,] I have a lot of fun playing with tentativeness. I can barely see it myself. In a small painting, the mark is very direct, as if I were nailing down the shifting colours … I’m dancing between these almost extremes: it’s this repertoire I can play with… ”

— Shirley Wiitasalo

Born in Toronto, Canada

Selected Solo Exhibitions


Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition


Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition


Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition


Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
about the exhibition

Goodwater, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Galerie René Blouin, Montréal
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
The Power Plant, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Kunsthalle, Bern, Switzerland
Galerie Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam,
   The Netherland
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Shirley Wiitasalo, London Regional
   Art Gallery, London; Thunder Bay
   Art Gallery, Thunder Bay;
   Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg
Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Forest City Gallery, London
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Carmen Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
A Space, Toronto

Selected Group Exhibitions


Form Follows Fiction: Art and Artists in Toronto, Art Museum at the University of Toronto, Toronto

Dissolutions, Galerie René Blouin, Montréal
Rope of Sand, Soi Fischer, Toronto
Figure out of Place, MacLaren Art Centre,
Governor General’s Awards in Visual and
   Media Arts 2011, National Gallery of
   Canada, Ottawa
In and Out of Space, Stewart Hall Gallery,
Momentum, Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto
Recent Acquisitions, Musée d’art
   contemporain, Montréal
Pulse: Film and Painting after the Images,
   Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery,
News from Nowhere, Susan Hobbs Gallery,
Dreamland, Edmonton Art Gallery,
Les Peintures, Galerie René Blouin,
Moira Dryer and Shirley Wiitasalo,
   GreeneNaftali, New York
Carol Wainio and Shirley Wiitasalo,
   Galerie Rochefort, Montréal
René Daniëls/Shirley Wiitasalo,
   Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld, Germany
Art Gallery of York University, Toronto;
   Illingworth Kerr Gallery/Alberta College
   of Art, Calgary; Mackenzie Art Gallery,
Urban Inscriptions, Art Gallery
   St. Thomas-Elgin, St. Thomas;
   London Regional Art And Historical
   Museums, London; Macdonald Stewart
   Art Centre, Guelph
Canadian Biennial of Contemporary Art,
   National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Toronto: A Play of History
   (Jeu d’histoire), The Power Plant,
Late Capitalism, Art Gallery at
   Harbourfront, Toronto
Allegorical Procedures in Recent
   Canadian Painting, Agnes
   Etherington Art Centre, Kingston
Toronto Painting ‘84, Art Gallery of
   Ontario, Toronto; Glenbow Museum,
   Calgary; Beaverbrook Art Gallery,
   Fredericton; Art Gallery of Windsor,
   Windsor; The Gallery, Stratford;
   Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton;
   Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg
Subjects in Pictures, YYZ, Toronto;
   49th Parallel, New York
Amsterdam-Toronto, Fodor Museum,
Fiction, Art Gallery of Ontario,
   Toronto; Art Gallery of Windsor,
   Windsor; Glenbow Museum, Calgary;
   Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon;
   Agnes Etherington Centre, Kingston;
   49th Parallel, New York
Robin Collyer, General Idea,
   Shirley Wiitasalo, Carmen Lamanna
   Gallery, Toronto
20th Century Canadian Painting,
   organized by the National Gallery of
   Canada, Ottawa; The National Museum
   of Art, Toyko, Japan; Hokkaido
   Museum of Modern Art, Sapporo, Japan;
   Oita Perfectural Art Centre, Oita City,
   Kyusha, Japan
Aspects of Canadian Painting in the
   Seventies, Glenbow Museum, Calgary
7 Toronto Artists, Artist’s Space, New York
Kanadische Künstler, Kunsthalle, Basel,
17 Canadian Artists – A Protean View,
   Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver
Carmen Lamanna Gallery at Owens
   Art Gallery, Owens Art Gallery,
   Mount Allison University, Sackville
Some Canadian Women Artists,
   National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa
Contemporary Ontario Art,
   Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
Toronto 4 + London 1, Carmen
   Lamanna Gallery, Toronto
Hart House, University of Toronto, Toronto

FrameWork 5/21

by Craig Rodmore (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, May 2021

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Toronto: Tributes + Tributaries, 1971-1989

by Wanda Nanibush (exhibition catalogue)

Art Gallery of Ontario, 2018

FrameWork 5/17

by Katie Lyle (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, May 2017

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Shirley Wiitasalo at Susan Hobbs

by Terence Dick (review)

akimblog, 13 May 2014

FrameWork 5/14

by Heather White (essay)

Susan Hobbs Gallery, May 2014

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Stripped right down to the peek-a-boo

by R.M. Vaughan (review)

The Globe and Mail, 29 May 2010

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The Donovan Collection

by Daniel Donovan (book)

Toronto: University of St. Michael’s College, 2010

Shirley Wiitasalo

by Diana Nemiroff (book)

The Gershon Iskowitz Prize: 1986 to 2006; Toronto: The Gershon Iskowitz Foundation, 2009

Shirley Wiitasalo: Goodwater, Toronto

by Jen Hutton (review)

Canadian Art, Fall 2008

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The Calibration of Chance

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Toronto: Susan Hobbs Gallery, 2008

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Gallery Going

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The Globe and Mail, 8 March 2008

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Shirley Wiitasalo

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Fire Sign

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Small is subtle

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Aluminum at Susan Hobbs Gallery

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Let down your avant-garde

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Shirley Wiitasalo

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Shirley Wiitasalo at Susan Hobbs

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Moira Dryer/Shirley Wiitasalo

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Moira Dryer/Shirley Wiitasalo


The New Yorker, 11 January 1999

Image as Phantasm: Opticality and Experience in Shirley Wiitasalo’s Recent Work

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Report from Toronto: Opening Doors

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René Daniëls/Shirley Wiitasalo

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Mal wieder Maler

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Shirley Wiitasalo; Paul Andriesse

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Befragen der Räume

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Show pairs Toronto, Netherlands painters

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Shirley Wiitasalo

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